Laboratory of Structural and Functional Genomics

Laboratory history

In 1991, Academician of the Kazakh National Academy of Sciences N.A. Aitkhozhina founded the Genome Laboratory – the first laboratory in Kazakhstan for the study of the plant genome and the human genome.  In 2009 “Human genome” group separated from the laboratory to become the Laboratory of Structural and Functional Genomics.

Heads of laboratory:

2009-2016 – doctor of biological science T.S. Balmukhanov.

2016-2017 – candidate of biological science A.K. Khanseidova (acting)

2018-present – Y.Y. Ashirbekov (acting)

Acting Head of Laboratory Ashirbekov Yeldar


Phone: +7 (727) 293 74 95


A specialist in molecular genetics, the author of more than 30 scientific papers


Chief Researcher

Aitkhozhina Nagima Abenovna

Positions held

1990-2018 – General Director of the M.A. Aitkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

1999-2002 – President of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1996-1999 – Academic Secretary (Chairman) of the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1990-2012 – Founder and head of the first in Kazakhstan Laboratory of genome in the M.A. Aitkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

1983-1989 – Leading Researcher of M.A. Aitkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

1974-1983 – Junior, Senior and Leading Researcher of the Institute of Botany

1970-1973 – Graduate student of the V.A. Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow

Academic titles

2003 – Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1995 – Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1991 – Professor

Scientific supervisor of 3 doctoral and 17 candidate dissertations, research projects, grants and scientific and technical programs (NTP).

Publications: research results published in more than 300 scientific papers, many of which – in leading journals abroad. Author of 29 certificates and patents.

Scientific achievements were marked by state awards, medals at international exhibitions, individual grants from the International Foundation for Basic Research ISF (USA), presented at international congresses, conferences and scientific seminars.

Scientific and organizational activities

1999-2013 – Member of the Commission for the award of State Prizes of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology

2012-2015 – Member of the Supervisory Board of the “Center of Life Sciences”, Nazarbayev University

2011-2014 – Chairman of the National Scientific Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the priority “Life Sciences”

2003-2010 – Chairman of the doctoral dissertation Council at the Institute, specialty “molecular biology” and “biochemistry”

2003-2005 – Chairman of the National Coordination Committee of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development of a framework document for the Republic of Kazakhstan on biosafety of genetically modified organisms with the support of UNEP-GEF

1997-2003 – Member of the Higher Scientific and Technical Committee under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1998-2000 – International expert of the program INTAS, Brussels

1996-2008 – Member of the editorial board of the journal “Molecular Biology” of RAS, Moscow

1999-2006 – Member of the Board of MES RK

1990-1991 – Member of the Scientific and Technical Council and expert of the projects of the state program “Priority problems of genetics”, Moscow

1987-1991 – Member of the Interdepartmental Scientific Council on the priority areas of physico-chemical biology and biotechnology of the State Science and Technology Committee at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Moscow

Awards and prizes

 Order “Barys” III degree (2011)

Order “Parasat” (2001)

Winner of the “Platinum Tarlan” Award in the “Science” nomination (2000)

CRDF Visiting Scientist Grant in the USA (1997)

Silver medal of the International Exhibition “Eureka”, Brussels (1993)

Diplomas from the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, NAS RK, MES RK for fruitful work and contribution to the development of science of Kazakhstan.

State and public activities

1989-1991 – People’s Deputy of the USSR, member of the Committee on Science of the USSR Supreme Soviet

1999-2005 – Member of the National Commission for Family and Women Affairs under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1995 – Member of the Republican Council of Women

Directions of research activities

  • Identification of features of functionally significant human genes, their regulatory zones and expression, identification of risk groups and susceptibility to diseases, gene diagnostics, early diagnosis and prognosis, genomic and personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics;

    • Ethnography and ethnogenomic studies of the population of Kazakhstan;
    • Paleogenomic studies of DNA from the biological material of archaeological excavations;
    • Analysis of genetic diversity and certification of plant and animal populations, strains of microorganisms;
    • Study of the effects of low doses of radiation on human DNA.

Current research projects:

Project AP05132207 “ Investigation of interaction between miRNA and target genes and their expression in oncopathologies” – 2018-2020

Project manager: N.A.Aitkhozhina


Used research methods

The study of DNA polymorphism by using different variants of polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequencing, analysis of hypervariable microsatellite loci.

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