Prospects for the development of biomedical and genetic research in Kazakhstan

On March 13, 2023, a scientific conference “Prospects for the development of biomedical and genetic research in Kazakhstan” was held in Astana. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the RK, the School of Medicine of Nazarbayev University and the Institute of Genetics and Physiology.

The conference was attended by leading scientists and experts in the field of biomedicine, neurophysiology, genetics, representatives of medical centers, universities and research institutes of Kazakhstan.

The main objective of the conference was to bring together specialists in the field of biomedicine and genetics to exchange experience, knowledge and ideas, as well as discuss current problems and prospects for the development of these scientific areas.

IMBB General director – Professor Kamalidin Sharipov made a plenary report on the topic “Biomedical research at the Aitkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry” at the conference.


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