Лаборатория биохимии зерновых культур

  • Publications

    2014-2018 гг. Mamytova N.S., Kuzovlev V.K., Khakimzhanov A.A., Fursov O.V. Sugars as repressors of gibberellin induced synthesis of α-amylase in…

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  • Patents

    V.A. Kuzovlev, A.A. Khakimzhanov, O.V. Fursov, R.T. Tleuliyeva, N.N. Belyaev Method of immunochemical determination of wheat resistance to pre-harvest sprouting…

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  • Equipment

    Spectrophotometer Ultrospec 7000 System for horizontal electrophoresis Multiphor II Apparatus for vertical electrophoresis TV100Y Electrophoresis power supply Consort Gel documentation…

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  • Laboratory staff

    Leading researcher, candidate of biological sciences Kuzovlev Vladimir Anatolyevich, a specialist in the field of plant biochemistry, grain enzymology, the…

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