General information

Republican Governmental Enterprise “M. Aitkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry” (IMBB) is one of the leading research and advisory centers on molecular biology, molecular genetics, molecular medicine and bioengineering in Kazakhstan.

The main objectives of M. Aitkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (IMBB)

The main subject of activity of the Institute, in accordance with the Charter, is the implementation of activities in the field of scientific research. The purpose of  M.  Aitkhozhin Institute of  Molecular Biology and Biochemistry” (IMBB) is conducting scientific research in the field of General and molecular genetics and cell biology of humans, animals, plants and microorganisms, the development of new areas of modern genetics and cell biology, the introduction of new effective developments for medicine, ecology and agriculture, the study and generalization of the achievements of world science, having socio-economic importance for genetic monitoring, development of diagnostics and test systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The structure of M. Aitkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (IMBB)

The Institute is headed by the General Director. The structure of the Institute has an administrative and management unit (human resources department, accounting, Scientific secretary, system administrator, administrative and economic part (AEP) and 7 laboratories:

1.         Laboratory of protein and nucleic acids research

2.         Laboratory of structural and functional genomics

3.         Laboratory of genome

4.         Laboratory of molecular immunology and immunobiotechnology

5.         Laboratory of grain crops biochemistry

6.         Laboratory of bioengineering and plants

7.         Laboratory of plant signal systems (temporarily preserved)

Laboratories are equipped with modern equipment for molecular biological, genetic, immunological and biochemical studies. As well, the Institute established a local bioethical commission, regularly hosts meetings of the Academic Council, Directorate and Council of young scientists.

Scientific potential


The scientific potential of the Institute consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of molecular and cellular biology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, immunobiotechnology, oncoimmunology, ethno-and personalized genomics.


The research staff of the Institute has a high theoretical and methodological training. To provide world-class scientific research work is under way to internships of personnel in leading foreign research centers, including in countries such as Switzerland, UK, Israel, Germany, France, Hungary, USA, Czech Republic, Canada.

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