Laboratory of biotechnology and molecular genetics

A brief history of the Laboratory

The Laboratory of biotechnology and molecular genetics was founded in 2021. The organizer and head of the laboratory since 2021 – Dr. Nurbol Galiakparov.

Galiakparov Nurbol Nurpatovich Ph.D. in virology

Head of the laboratory of biotechnology and molecular genetics

Phone: +7 (727) 293 77 15


Nurbol Galiakparov graduated from the biology faculty, molecular biology department of C.M. Kirov Kazakh State University. He was working on Ph.D. at Hebrew University (Jerusalem) with a thesis: “Etiology and molecular studies of grape A virus” (1996-2002). He was obtained a postdoctoral research fellowship to the Department of experimental medicine and cancer research of the medicine faculty at Hebrew University, Jerusalem (2002-2004).

Nurbol Galiakparov has more than 70 publications and 26 years of scientific work experience.

The main directions of research activities

  • Production of virus-free planting material for fruit and berry crops and grapes using the in vitro method;
  • Development of test systems for the diagnosis of plant viruses;

  • Diagnosis of viral infections of fruit and berry crops;
  • Genotyping and identification of apple and grape varieties;
  • Studies of wild apple populations in Kazakhstan using molecular markers;
  • Identification of genotypes of Malus sieversii resistant to Erwinia amylovora.

 Research projects


Grant AR09259392 Ervinia amylovora-resistant genotypes of Malus sieversi“, scientific supervisor Galiakparov N.N..


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