Academician of the Academy of sciences of the Kazakh SSR

Doctor of biological sciences, Professor

Temirbai Darkanbayev is a famous scientist, biochemist, academician of the Kazakh SSR, Doctor of biological sciences, Professor, Honored worker of science of Kazakh SSR, a prominent public figure. He graduated from the biological faculty of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (1936). In 1941 after postgraduate study at the Institute of Biochemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences he defended his thesis and in 1953 he was awarded with a degree of Doctor of biological sciences. He is a follower and colleague of such famous scientists as: Alexey Nikolayevich Bach, Alexander Ivanovich Oparin, Vatslav Leonovich Kretovich. From 1955 to 1961 he was a Rector of S. M. Kirov Kazakh State University. From 1972 to 1983 Temirbai Darkanbayev became a Member of the Kazakh SSR Presidium and an Academician-secretary of the Biological sciences department. In 1965 T. Darkanbayev founded a Laboratory of biochemistry of the plants’ metabolism at Kazakh State University and in 1973 he founded the Laboratory of biochemistry of grain crops at the Institute of Botany.

In 1971 Temirbai Darkanbayev was awarded the Order of Lenin for the development of biological science and personnel training. He was also awarded the Orders of “Badge of honor” in 1945 and in 1961, besides he received the USSR medals and the Honor certificates of the Kazakh SSR.

Temirbai Darkanbayev is a major organizer of science and the founder of the biochemical school in Kazakhstan. The main scientific works are devoted to the grain biochemistry of the most important cereal crops, protein-carbohydrate metabolism, the influence of genetic factors and soil and climatic conditions on the formation of grain quality. Temirbai Darkanbayev and his students made a significant contribution to the knowledge of the laws of proteins formation and storage, the formation of multiple molecular forms of key enzymes of respiration and protein-carbohydrate complex in the process of grain maturation. Research on the evaluation of nutritional merits, biochemical characteristics and technological properties of wheat in Kazakhstan were not only fundamental works in the field of grain biochemistry, development of the theory and practice of technical biochemistry and applied Enzymology, but had an important national economic importance. 

T. Darkanbayev is an author of numerous books: “Biochemical characteristics of spring wheat in Kazakhstan” (1955), “Mineral composition of wheat in Kazakhstan” (1976), “Quality of wheat in Kazakhstan” (1984). Collections of “Cleaning methods and the study of enzymes” (1981) and “Enzymes and grain quality” (1987) were edited by T.B. Darkanbayev. He also published more than 200 scientific and popular articles on current topics of grain biochemistry, enzymology and biology. 40 candidates and doctors of sciences were prepared by Temirbay Darkanbayev.

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