Areas of research

Basic research in molecular and cell biology, molecular genetics, molecular medicine, biochemistry:

  • Genome, genes, structure, expression and activity regulation;
  • Ethnogenomics;
  • Geopositioning molecular basis of human diseases, early and predictive gene diagnostics;
  • Oncoimmunology: mechanisms of the development of antitumor immunity deficiency in cancer and ways to overcome it;
  • Biosynthesis of protein in plants and its regulation;
  • Regulation of key enzymes of carbohydrate (α, β-amylase, protease) metabolism of plants;
  • Molecular basis of plant signaling under stress;
  • Molecular basis for increasing the productivity of microalgae.

Applied innovations:

  • The gene diagnostics of human diseases and plant;
  • Genotyping of organisms, creation of genomic passports of the most important crops of plants, pathogens of infectious diseases;
  • Development and testing of molecular diagnostics, enzyme immunoassay test systems for pre-harvest germination, plant viruses, biosensors and their preparation for production;
  • Creation of plant baselines with improved commercial properties (genmodified organisms, cell selection, baselines);
  • • Plast engineering, algological biotechnology.
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