Happy Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

On August 30, we celebrate one of the main public holidays of our country – the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

The fundamental law of our country is the key to the unity of our people, stability, peace and harmony in the country. Acting as the guarantor of the rights and freedoms of the individual, the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan recognizes, consolidates and guarantees the provision of fundamental human rights and freedoms!

The norms and principles laid down in the Constitution are the basis for the steady development of Kazakhstan as a democratic, secular, legal and social country, the highest values ​​of which are a person, his life, rights and freedoms.

On this special holiday, we wish all of us a peaceful sky over our heads, harmony and stability in our multinational and multi-religious society, success and new achievements for the benefit of our country – the Republic of Kazakhstan!

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