Science and Business: Ways of Innovative Development of Kazakhstan

Today, at 13th April 2023, as part of the events of the scientific and practical conference “Science and Business: Ways of Innovative Development of Kazakhstan”, an exhibition of scientific and innovative developments of scientists from Universities of Kazakhstan and Research institutes was organized on the basis of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

The main objective of this event is the demonstration of scientific achievements, their popularization and implementation in production.

М.А.Aitkhozhin Institute of molecular biology and biochemistry presented materials of two projects at the exhibition: “Diagnostics of pathogens of apple trees and grapes. System for identifying genetically modified crops. Production of phytopathogen-free planting material for fruit and berry crops” and “Organization of modern biotechnological production of elite planting material for berry crops to meet the needs of domestic nurseries and farms”.

In the future, farmers, nurseries and individual gardeners of Kazakhstan will be able to get seedlings of berry and fruit crops grown in modern biotechnological production.

The presented projects aroused great interest among the visitors of the exhibition.


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