Projects in progress on grant funding 2020-2023

Grant funding projects 2021-2023

АР09259390 “Study of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus antigens effect on the pro-inflammatory activity of neutrophils, monocytes and T-regulatory cells”. Scientific supervisor – Ostapchuk E.O., Ph.D.

AP09259392 “Erwinia amylovora-resistant genotypes of Malus sieversii”. Scientific supervisor – Galiakparov N.N., Ph.D.

Grant funding projects 2020-2022

AP08857430 “Identification of a new minimally invasive microRNA-based biomarker for the diagnosis and prognosis of diabetic retinopathy”. Scientific supervisor – Sharipov K.O., Doctor of biological sciences, professor.

AP08855746 “Development of biotechnology for increasing plant productivity by activating the process of ribosome biogenesis”. Scientific supervisor – Zhigailov A.V., Ph.D.

AP09562010 “NF-κB signals activity in myeloid suppressor cells generated from bone marrow cells under physiological and pathological conditions”. Scientific supervisor – Tleulieva R.T., Ph.D.

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