July 6 is the Day of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Many important and difficult moments during the formation of Kazakhstan as a sovereign state are connected with the creation of this beautiful city.

Astana was declared the capital of Kazakhstan on December 10, 1997. Subsequently, on May 6, 1998, the city of Akmola was renamed Astana. This decision was taken to establish a new capital that would symbolize the independence and sovereignty of Kazakhstan. The location of Astana in the center of the country made it possible to ensure a more even distribution of political and economic activity throughout the territory of Kazakhstan, developing all regions equally. The main initiator of the transfer of the capital from the city of Almaty to Astana was the first president of Kazakhstan – Nursultan Nazarbayev. Under the leadership of N. Nazarbayev, a strategic plan for the development of the city was developed, and large-scale construction work was carried out. The first president actively led the process of creating a new capital and put a lot of effort into attracting investments and developing the infrastructure of Astana.

One of the main difficulties in creating Astana was the climate. The city is located in the steppe zone, where harsh winters and hot summers are common. To overcome these problems, special measures have been taken, including the construction of special heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as greening the city.

Significant funding was required for the development of the new capital, as new administrative and residential buildings, infrastructure, roads, parks and other facilities had to be built. It was a huge challenge for the state, but thanks to the efforts of the government and the support of the population, Astana successfully overcame difficulties, turning into a modern and dynamically developing city.

The transfer of the capital caused some resistance from part of the population, however, over time, it became clear that the decision was the right one and Astana was able to win the hearts of many residents of Kazakhstan with its beauty and opportunities for development.

Since its foundation, Astana has become a symbol of modern Kazakhstan. The city attracts attention with its architecture, which includes unique buildings, as well as numerous parks and gardens that create a comfortable environment for living and recreation.

Astana has also become a venue for international events and forums, drawing the attention of the international community. This contributes to strengthening the position of Kazakhstan on the world stage and contributes to the development of diplomatic and economic ties.

At present, the development of Astana continues at a rapid pace, the city strives to become a center of innovation, science and technology, as well as the main economic and cultural center of the country. It is home to leading universities and research institutes. All this contributes to the creation of an intellectual base and the development of advanced technologies.

We wish the main city of the country – Astana prosperity and success!


Best wishes,

General Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry named after Aitkhozhin, Professor Sharipov K.O.

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