Congratulations on Nauryz holiday

Dear colleagues, friends!

 With all my heart I congratulate you on the holiday of spring and renewal – Nauryz!

 “Nauryz symbolizes renewal, and it also needs to be celebrated in a new way: meaningfully, creatively, with the introduction of new distinctive elements. I am sure this will contribute to the consolidation of society and the strengthening of our national identity,” said President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

 Starting this year, the ten-day period of Nauryznamа is celebrated in Kazakhstan.
Each of the ten days of celebration is dedicated to a specific theme, reflecting the diversity and richness of Kazakh culture. This is due to old folk traditions of celebrating the New Year during the spring equinox for 8-9 days. This is mentioned in the works of the great philosophers Mahmud Kashgari, Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeiuly, Abai Kunanbaiuly, Mukhtar Auezov.

🌷 March 14 – Korisu kuni – Amal merekesi (Creation Day);

🌷 March 15 – Kayyrymdylyk kuni (Mercy Day);

🌷 March 16 – Madeniet zhane ulttyk salt-dastur kuni (Day of Culture and National Traditions);

🌷 March 17 – Shanyrak kuni (Shanyrak Day. Shanyrak is the domed circle of the yurt);

🌷 March 18 – Ultyk kiim kuni (National Clothes Day);

🌷 March 19 – Zhanaru kuni (Renewal Day);

🌷 March 20 – Ultyk sport kuni (National Sports Day);

🌷 March 21 – Yntymak kuni (Unity Day);

🌷 March 22 – Zhyl bass (Beginning of the year);

🌷 March 23 – Tazaru kuni (Purification Day).

 Nauryz represents the arrival of spring, the rebirth of life and the connection between generations. May spring and Nauryz delight you with their warmth, bring peace and harmony, health and prosperity, success and prosperity.
           I wish you creative inspiration, inexhaustible energy and joy of creation, successful implementation of your plans.
           Let these spring days be the beginning of new accomplishments and achievements in your life and work.


Best wishes,

M.A. Aitkhozhin IMBB, CEO

Professor K.Sharipov

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